Osteopathy is an independent system of healthcare based on a distinct philosophy.

Osteopathy is more concerned with those issues which might have compromised health rather than the consequent disease or condition.

Osteopathy acknowledges that a living organism is a system that constantly renews, regenerates and reforms itself in order to maintain life and health. Whenever that health-maintaining ability is compromised by life events, such as physical trauma, emotional or psychosocial matters, infection, dietary indiscretion, environmental or occupational factors, symptoms could develop which can be classified as diseases, syndromes or medical conditions.

Osteopaths in the UK have been regulated by statute since 1993. They are primary healthcare practitioners, trained not only to diagnose conventionally, but also to assess the patient using a highly skilled sense of touch.

The osteopathic case history is an account of the cascade of events, taking into consideration life style factors such as stress, diet and exercise, which could be predisposing to the development of symptoms.

This unique combination informs a treatment plan to help restore health.